Vanilla is Cool … and support from Bpm-Conseil is Great !

Dear Readers,

Over the last few days, I gave some Vanilla presentation to potential customers and potential system integrators. Its always nice to receive real-time feedback … especially when the feed-back is good, and that’s the situation after Vanilla presentation.

Based on their previous professional experience with commercial products, attendees focus more on the Bi area (if they have experience with commercial product, they always like FreeMetadata, and our Designer (Reporting, Olap, Dashboard, Kpi) have also great recognition), on Etl area (they like the integration with the Bi side and with our workflow, the clean usable interface (not an old fashion Ide interface), on workflow area (they like again the integration with the Bi side, integration of Bi resources, support for different forms engine and visual deployment of Workflow) and even on document management area (indexation of Vanilla reports with access to an integrated search engine is a must !) … everyone with an experience of a commercial product find himself immediatly confident with Vanilla modules, its really a great message and great indication for the Vanilla Team : we meet our public !

In parallel, some new Vanilla Fans coming from different countries (Brazil, Chili, Irland, Poland, France, India, Philippines) can witness the quality of our support, when it comes to show that we are ready to help starting with Vanilla version 4 (along with solving some issues like Java 7 support). On my side, I was also surprised with the origin – countries – of the requests : it’s coming from all over the world …

Those who still confuse Open Source & Free, joined by those who confuse the natural motivation from Bpm-Conseil to help on first demands, may disagree with this … well, every game has a limited time, and we all need the same rules, right ? pre-sale is not support without limit, I’m not shy to claim we are in Open Source area, I’m not shy we are also doing business, to invest on further development and to maintain a support team.

Have Fun !


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