Vanilla & Analysts – Triple A !

Dear Readers,

Those who already read my previous posts know already I dont take attention to commercial & marketing “analyst firm”, like the “.G” company (at least, without telling about the whole company activity, I focus on the Bi marketing hero who run analysis by sending survey to editors … those editors are filling the answers themself … Great Summer student Job). This has led to “analyst results” completly out of the reality (you can just read some comment about their first Open Source study, and the same ‘study’ one year after !!!)… who take benefit of this ?

As opposed to .G, I will mention Forrester … because we had clear exchanges with the Bi Analyst. He did a great job, and is open to discussion. Our view of the situation may be different, because we have different position and are running different objectives, but at least, communication is “On”.

You may have heard France has just lost its AAA rating (1 Analysts firm only … which lead to more confusion) … well … who are the person who issue rate ? What do they know of France ? Our way of life, social security, retirement funds, security, safety hospital & good education¬†… we are building our next generation of winner, in peace. We dont have to focus on those US notation for our long term situation … even if this event will have direct impact on some financial subject.

Funny to notice that now France is AA+ … 2 ‘A”, same number of “A” you can find in vAnillA … looking at the spelling of our Us competitor, I’m now a little worried about the evolution of the US rating ! … Analyst : I just offered you a new way of rating, which is at least an open and official method to rate … because your internal methods are too dark, we dont understand how you rate now, considering how we manage the current situation (I’m pretty certain readers from Canada will like my method, I just apologize for my Belgium friends)

Have Fun !


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