Vanilla v4 – 1 day before …

Dear Readers,

Smooth launch … all under control … upload of version are ok, new Web site is soon published … What else ? : First customer with Vanilla v4 deployed TODAY … and everybody is relax, happy … proud of Version 4 ! What will you find tomorrow ? New features for Version 4 include :

  • Architecture evolutions, more Service oriented and based on Osgi
  • UnitedOlap, the first true Open Source Olap Server
  • Vanilla Viewer, a viewer able to run any kind of Bi documents, such as reports, dashboards, cubes or even Etl transformations
  • FreeWebReport, Wysiwyg edition : Web interface to create Reports using secured Metadata documents
  • BiPortal, Web 2.0 collaborative portal to manage user access to documents and provide collaborative functions 
  • Wms support, to deploy KPIs on any Wms compliant geo server 
  • Update of Vanilla Apps, with a new edition of Hypervision, our cluster manager, and more than 15 packages ready to deploy using Vanilla Place

Tomorrow, friday 13th … a nice day for Vanilla … a nice day for Open Source also, because we are still there, competing now with major commercial platforms. Just a little sad that some other “said Open Source” are no more Open source, still old-fashion and out of features … which give a bad focus for Open Source Bi. I personally wish some of those actors will go soon out of business, to clarify what is Open Source and what is not …

I read some weeks before a note about French IT Manager, now pushing Open Source in general and claiming IT Manager have to justify now if they go for commercial products. Soon, I hope it will be same situation for the Bi area … why you still invest in commercial Bi platform ? … I know there are many justification … but relax, take a long breath and try to put any old justification in front of the reality …. and review your position now with Vanilla v4

Have Fun !