Vanilla v4 – New Bundles

Dear Readers,

With version 4, we will also make first access to Vanilla more easy. We still delivere the Open Source production version (MySql & PostGreSql), available since the origin, along with the h2 version. In past version, the h2 version had some limitation (no demo for cube, or limited number of report). With Vanilla version 4, h2 version has the same features & samples than version mysql and postgresql.

Using h2 version, you can run a Vanilla server along with all the development studio, without any additional installation (such as creation of the Mysql catalog). Those “sql” version can be view as “stand alone installation”, and only require a java JDK 1.6 (we dont embed it in the h2, simply because most of you have a JDK 1.6 on your workstation, to make the bundle lighter). In addition to those version, we provide 2 additional bundle :

– a VirtualBox version : its so easy to run Virtual Box image (just the download may be a little long, but you run it over night !). Its a Debian/PostGreSql platform, running Vanilla v4. Only the server (you need to download the development studios in parallel). With this VirtualBox bundle, without any additional installation, you have a full Vanilla platform already configured. The only thing you need is a machine to run your virtual box.

2 instances of VirtualBox (Vanilla3.4/Mysql,Vanilla4/PostGreSql) running on my laptop

– An Amazon Machine Image : if you have no server available, but you have a credit card, you can subscribe to Amazon EC2 cloud offer and run a Vanilla instance within a second. Its the perfect method to test Vanilla features and discovere the beauty of Vanilla, with any local installation (still you need to download the studio if you want to develop, and also connect your database).

Also, we have installed a Vanilla server on the cloud, for those who don’t want to pay Amazon instance … but for some good reasons, we open this instance to only identified contacts …

H2 version, VirtualBox and our own cloud instance will be available this coming friday, 13th january. For the Amazon AMI, we just need a couple of days to configure and load the image. We hope those new bundle will make the first Vanilla usage more easy for new adopters

Have Fun !



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