Vanilla v4 – Materials

Dear Readers,

10 days to go before we make Vanilla v4 available, and I’m pleased to have already some material available, like new Web interface, some videos or new features document. And all those materials are available without extra charges … things that tend to diseappear in the “Said Open Source” area (I remember one day when Emmanuel told me : “if you have to pay for documentation, it sucks, I just dont use it” …)

Bpm-Conseil, the company that sponsor and organise the development for the Vanilla project will launch a revamped web Site (all happened !!!) … with a current stay of 3mn (Google Analytics data), its an evidence people didnt’ found what they were looking for … let’s wait for the udpated Google Analytics data once the new Web Site will be available. Challenge was to keep the site simple to use & navigate while providing access to most of the Vanilla resources (Thanks to Charles for beeing so patient during this rewrite of the Web Site)

Simple screenshot for Bpm-Conseil Web Site

Videos have been updated … its just a beginning, but we did it ! We all understand maintenance of documentation & additional resources is a job in itself, sometimes boring from a development point of view (!!!) … anyway, we took time to update documentation (30 Pdf documents, in French and English) & videos (even we are little late on video as only 25% are updated as date of this writting … but we are confident to close this subject soon).

As a preview, just have a ,look as the New Features for Vanilla Version 4, and a video about VanillaPlace

In France, institution such as French Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministre de l’Interieur), French Gendarmerie National, Bank like BnpParibas, Caisse d’Epargne or industrial companies like Wincor-Nixdorf, Vinci Environment, Teva, Sbe-Online, Pomona … they all turned to Vanilla or are using Vanilla as part of a deployed project. They all saved thousand of Euros compare to commercial platform, with no limitation & no reduction in terms of features !

Have Fun !



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