Vanilla Mobile – V4 Update available for Ios & Android

Dear Readers,

Along with new Vanilla v4 version (server & designers), we have delivered an update of our Mobile Apps, for Ios (Ipad and IPhone) and Android. You can access those Apps on Android Market and Apple Store. Just go on Bpm-Conseil Web Site to access information page on Mobile features.

Those Apps, part of the Vanills Apps modules, are avaible in 2 distincts version : Free Version and Commercial Version. You can use the Free version to validate the features & usage of our Mobile Apps. By default, we provide a connexion to a Vanilla instance … anybody with an IPhone, IPad or Android can install the Apps and use it immediatly.

Classic Report using Android Smartphone

To use this Apps with your own Vanilla Server, just add a Server instance using the Menu … which allow any user to use his Tablet to connect to different Vanilla servers (as I do myself, switching from our internal Vanilla server at office to various Vanilla Cloud Instance when I’m travelling for meeting abroad)

Adding a New Vanilla Server interface

There is one single limitation with the free version : only 5 documents are available in the interface (documents published on the Vanlla portal). If you want full access to all your documents … just turn to the commercial version

Have Fun !


Vanilla Audit & Performance – Hypervision Features (Part 3)

Dear Reader,

Last post of a serie about Auditing Vanilla Requests, using Hypervision to analyse FreeMetadata requests and Mdx Requests sent to UnitedOlap engine (by the way, I will post later on Vanilla Platform process Audit)

After connecting to your Vanilla server with Hypervision, you have the following interface where you have specific PlugIn to analyse your performance

Hypervision interface

Running the FreeMetadata Requests Analysis (item 1) will display this interface – with a filter on date to reduce the number of entries – where you can view the convert sql statment issued against the database (understanding the document is based on a Metadata datasource).

You can even detect some errors in the generated sql statment : this can occurs when you burst a report with groups that are not allowed on the document, when you have an issue in your filter strategy (you forget to set a where clause) or if your database has changed and a column is not available anymore). For each item, you can view which group ran the request and how much times it took to get the result from database.

FreeMetadata Requests Analysis


The second interface (item 2 from main Hypervision interface) is about UnitedOlap requests performance. A simple screenshot is worth than thousand words : you can select your cube, and from the cube you can view the most popular requests and see the response time evolution (outside cache strategy)

UnitedOlap Requests Analysis

Running analysis makes sense only if you can manage the potential issues. Using the Vanilla Admin interface, Bi developer and Admin person can enhance the Metadata document to improve sql statment, modify some join path with additional aggregate tables or even play with the cache manager to pre-cache the most popular dataset or datagrid.

Vanilla Analysis features is a must, look around in your commercial experience … and think about a move to Vanilla, its time now !

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 launch, 2 weeks after

Dear Readers,

Even it’s not yet visible to forever blind people (turned blind after beeing slamed by marketing noise !), and even if the Vanilla project still suffer from the low investment of its promoter in the media (dont forget we want to keep Vanilla Open Source, which means we are not willing to follow the us marketing companies in terms of marketing campaign!), Vanilla v4 is a true real success.

Number of download is above our expectation (more than 350 downloads in 2 weeks, including more than 95 full server & designers download) and message sent by developer are really nice.

Number of declared bugs is really minimum : as date of this writting, we fixed a Java7 Vanilla version, and all other declared bugs are cosmetics enhancement. There was also some issues in relation with database type for repository (example with postgresql, to manage external Url), which has been fixed at database level. As we have improved our internal methods to delivere version 4 (compare to version 3), we are really happy with the result, and we believe we have found methods and people to apply our strategy in term of version management.

Deployment of version 4 has started for some of our customers, under control of our integration team. New partners have joined us, and important to notice is the size of the partner : new large system integration have adopted Vanilla, not specialised in Open Source or Bi, but simply looking for a ready-to-use Bi platform to use in request for proposal (Trend, Bid … name can change).

Future is bright for Vanilla, don’t miss the move to the Only True Open Source Bi Platform

Have Fun !


How to run Audit on requests with Vanilla (part 1)

Dear Readers,

Something interesting with a Bi platform is the presence of audit function to analysis the query issued through the platform (to any kind of destination, such as sql database, olap database …). This post is the first of a serie talking about Audit, Performancance Audit & Platform Management.

With Vanilla, using Enterprise Services (an Open Source … thanks to the French Government initiative !), you can easilly control the different requests issued – per report & per group of user – using the Audit Perspective. Usage is so easy : you select one or more reports from the repository treeview – zone 1 – and drag & drop those reports in zone 2. Then, you select the groups for which you want to audit the different request statment – in zone 3.

Zone 4 of the image is the result : you can easilly view for a specific report the differents statments per groups, then control your security policy, detect a mistake in your Metadata join strategy, or even seea “no statment issued” if the group is not allowed to issue the request that built the report.

Enterprise Services – Audit Perspective

As usual, we focus on making the life easier to Bi developer and Bi Admin, by providing tools that reduce the development, validation & production cycle

Have Fun !


Vanilla is Cool … and support from Bpm-Conseil is Great !

Dear Readers,

Over the last few days, I gave some Vanilla presentation to potential customers and potential system integrators. Its always nice to receive real-time feedback … especially when the feed-back is good, and that’s the situation after Vanilla presentation.

Based on their previous professional experience with commercial products, attendees focus more on the Bi area (if they have experience with commercial product, they always like FreeMetadata, and our Designer (Reporting, Olap, Dashboard, Kpi) have also great recognition), on Etl area (they like the integration with the Bi side and with our workflow, the clean usable interface (not an old fashion Ide interface), on workflow area (they like again the integration with the Bi side, integration of Bi resources, support for different forms engine and visual deployment of Workflow) and even on document management area (indexation of Vanilla reports with access to an integrated search engine is a must !) … everyone with an experience of a commercial product find himself immediatly confident with Vanilla modules, its really a great message and great indication for the Vanilla Team : we meet our public !

In parallel, some new Vanilla Fans coming from different countries (Brazil, Chili, Irland, Poland, France, India, Philippines) can witness the quality of our support, when it comes to show that we are ready to help starting with Vanilla version 4 (along with solving some issues like Java 7 support). On my side, I was also surprised with the origin – countries – of the requests : it’s coming from all over the world …

Those who still confuse Open Source & Free, joined by those who confuse the natural motivation from Bpm-Conseil to help on first demands, may disagree with this … well, every game has a limited time, and we all need the same rules, right ? pre-sale is not support without limit, I’m not shy to claim we are in Open Source area, I’m not shy we are also doing business, to invest on further development and to maintain a support team.

Have Fun !


Vanilla & Analysts – Triple A !

Dear Readers,

Those who already read my previous posts know already I dont take attention to commercial & marketing “analyst firm”, like the “.G” company (at least, without telling about the whole company activity, I focus on the Bi marketing hero who run analysis by sending survey to editors … those editors are filling the answers themself … Great Summer student Job). This has led to “analyst results” completly out of the reality (you can just read some comment about their first Open Source study, and the same ‘study’ one year after !!!)… who take benefit of this ?

As opposed to .G, I will mention Forrester … because we had clear exchanges with the Bi Analyst. He did a great job, and is open to discussion. Our view of the situation may be different, because we have different position and are running different objectives, but at least, communication is “On”.

You may have heard France has just lost its AAA rating (1 Analysts firm only … which lead to more confusion) … well … who are the person who issue rate ? What do they know of France ? Our way of life, social security, retirement funds, security, safety hospital & good education … we are building our next generation of winner, in peace. We dont have to focus on those US notation for our long term situation … even if this event will have direct impact on some financial subject.

Funny to notice that now France is AA+ … 2 ‘A”, same number of “A” you can find in vAnillA … looking at the spelling of our Us competitor, I’m now a little worried about the evolution of the US rating ! … Analyst : I just offered you a new way of rating, which is at least an open and official method to rate … because your internal methods are too dark, we dont understand how you rate now, considering how we manage the current situation (I’m pretty certain readers from Canada will like my method, I just apologize for my Belgium friends)

Have Fun !