Vanilla v4 (Post 9 on 10) – UnitedOlap

Dear Readers,

I have already posted some words about UnitedOlap, our new Olap Engine, that will be delivered with Vanilla version 4. UnitedOlap is a serious project, that started 1 year ago, and we will provide designers, admin & developers with all the features they need to manage a real Olap project.

Most important with UnitedOlap is we provide a bug free interface when it comes with complex calculation. I wont waste my time talking about bugs in old Open Source olap driver … they never fixed it (last calculation, “all” display not coherent with visual datagrid …).

Key features for United Olap are

Support for dynamic calculation in Olap Cubes
Vanilla UnitedOlap is the only platform with an olap component which use dynamic agregation depending on the level of dimension. For instance : you can define sum as the agregator for the country level and count agregator for the city level, or you can define your ‘last’ calculation strategy

Interface to Design a Dynamic agregation using FreeAnalysis Schema Designer

Support for non-Sql datasources

Vanilla UnitedOlap provides support for oda and sql datasource (pure jdbc or fremetadata datasource, with security)

Support for Snowflake schema with multiple column join strategy
Vanilla UnitedOlap support multiple column join strategy for Snowflake schema, as opposed to other old engine that has limitation to 1 column only … this allow UnitedOlap to connect to production database, not only to datamart.

Real Admin Interface with cache management & performance audit

Serious Administrator need tools to manage their Olap Platform, install and audit a cluster of Server, especially in the (R)Olap world. Hypervision provide tools to help you understand what request is time consuming, what is the cubes activity, …

Hypervision : Olap Audit

When it comes to keep promises … just put aside marketing noise … real platform dont need that kind of noise !

Have Fun !


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