Vanilla v4 rc2 available for download

Dear Readers,

Just a quick post to announce Vanilla v4 rc2 is available now for download – on time – like the last release candidate before the public availability for version 4, january 13th.

Version 4 is a long project, and now that we are about to close it, we have sometimes strange feeling, not about the release itself, but like a team that close a chapter and has to re-open a new one soon. Version4 project was smoother was Version3, for various internal reasons … as a team, we jumped to next level of organisation & methods … its starting to pay back now.

Release candidate 2 is more a bug fix, without new module (VanillaPlace is still in beta mode, but will be available on time this year), as a result of the various tests we ran – internal, community and during the training session.

You can access Vanilla download center on Bpm-Conseil Web site, as Bpm-Conseil is the company that develop and support the Vanilla platform. Still 4 weeks to go before going live with official Version4 … future is bright for Vanilla !

Have Fun !



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