Vanilla v4 countdown – 35 days before official launch

Dear Readers,

We are 35 days before official launch of Vanilla v4, just closing today the first Vanilla v4 early training session abroad. V4Rc1, available since last month, got fantastic feedback from early adopters. We will make V4Rc2 available next friday, december 16th, last version before official launch, 5 weeks from now. In addition, the last package to be released, VanillaPlace, will soon go live as a “limited edition”.

During this time, on commercial side, we won 7 “big accounts” (multi national companies & governmental agencies) over the last 30 days, all of them starting with Vanilla v4. 1 big deal  every 4 days … it went beyond our expectation, as most of those deal were closed after official open bid that included major commercial Bi editors. what we learnt from those wins is esay to express :

  1. Our partners did all answered using Vanilla v4 specification, which is a confirmation for Version 4 technical orientation (cloud-ready, load balancer, multi-services & thread) when it comes to large base of users. In addition, i was really delighted to notice that some of them have already strong knowledge of V4 new architectures and new features, such as UnitedOlap engine or FreeWebReport/Wysiwyg module.
  2. Fact like beeing serious in business, listenning to our partners & customers and keeping our promises since early versions have built a strong image for Vanilla, in terms of stability, performance and features. With Vanilla, we keep the promises some “marketing based” companies did in recent past …

For those who want to discover Vanilla Web user interface & modules, we put online a new video Vanilla version4 … I’m certain this video is a good material to make you start thinking about a move to Vanilla for your next Bi project !

Have Fun !