Vanilla v4 – 2 Weeks to go !

Dear Readers,

Before turning the 2011 chapter, just a quick post to remind about Vanilla v4 official launch, Friday 13th January … 14 days from now ! This is a very special moment for us, as we can see all the piece of the puzzle merging to make a so crazy & beautifull new version. Turning to a New Year, we can see all the work our development & integration teams did over the last 8 months … and this is just the beginning, thanks to the new adopters – customers and System Integrator – from all around the world (Internet is a crazy development media to accelerate software adoption).

2012 will be an easy year for the Vanilla project, we will take time to imagine some of the next killing features a up-to-date Bi platforrm should provide while providing Vanilla v4 support at affordable price for customers, editors and integrators. We dont look behind … its too far … and we have no time to waste, because our ambition for Vanilla are high !

A simple Dashboard though Vanilla Viewer

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 (Post 10 on 10) – VanillaPlace

Dear Readers,

There no place – no software – like Vanilla Place ! Available in version 4, as a new perspective for Enterprise Services, Vanilla Place will make package deployment as easy to use as a 4 steps wizard can be !

Vanilla Place : our XMas gift to the Bi community

Vanilla Place leverage Vanilla package technology, which stand as deployable files that contain Vanilla document such as Metadata, Report, Dashboard, Cubes and any other related files (image, pdf, dictionary …).

Vanilla package are used to deploy a development between 2 servers, with the guaranty that internal reference (such as database connection or Ip server references) are translated during the deployment process. Import/Export of packages is already available in Enterprise Services and also in Hypervision (with Drag & Drop interface).

As we believe packaging is a key feature to deploy standard Bi development (in the cloud, but also in distributed environment), we already provide to community – as part of Vanilla Apps – a set of packages build on standard Open Source application such as OpenBravo, Mantis, VTiger, Sit, Glpi … but deployment process was not smooth enough for new adopters or people who “just want to see”.

Using Vanilla Place, you have a simple interface where you can choose your package, indicate where your database is located, select the objects you want to deploy … validated … its done ! The only component you need is a Vanilla server running on your network … but even for this, we have made it easy for you, as you can run our Vanilla Virtual Box Server or subscribe on Amazon for a Vanilla instance.

Vanilla Place Interface, from Enterprise Services

All in one, if you want to deploy Bi application worlwide, just choose Vanilla as your development studio, your application will be available after validation, for immediate access to any other Vanilla Site

Vanilla Place Package Deployment : Database Destination

Vanilla Place – sample content import (example for Glpi)

Result in Vanilla v4 portal

A simple document, just after deployment

Hope you will enjoy using Vanilla Place and some of you will contribute back to this new exchange place …

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 (Post 9 on 10) – UnitedOlap

Dear Readers,

I have already posted some words about UnitedOlap, our new Olap Engine, that will be delivered with Vanilla version 4. UnitedOlap is a serious project, that started 1 year ago, and we will provide designers, admin & developers with all the features they need to manage a real Olap project.

Most important with UnitedOlap is we provide a bug free interface when it comes with complex calculation. I wont waste my time talking about bugs in old Open Source olap driver … they never fixed it (last calculation, “all” display not coherent with visual datagrid …).

Key features for United Olap are

Support for dynamic calculation in Olap Cubes
Vanilla UnitedOlap is the only platform with an olap component which use dynamic agregation depending on the level of dimension. For instance : you can define sum as the agregator for the country level and count agregator for the city level, or you can define your ‘last’ calculation strategy

Interface to Design a Dynamic agregation using FreeAnalysis Schema Designer

Support for non-Sql datasources

Vanilla UnitedOlap provides support for oda and sql datasource (pure jdbc or fremetadata datasource, with security)

Support for Snowflake schema with multiple column join strategy
Vanilla UnitedOlap support multiple column join strategy for Snowflake schema, as opposed to other old engine that has limitation to 1 column only … this allow UnitedOlap to connect to production database, not only to datamart.

Real Admin Interface with cache management & performance audit

Serious Administrator need tools to manage their Olap Platform, install and audit a cluster of Server, especially in the (R)Olap world. Hypervision provide tools to help you understand what request is time consuming, what is the cubes activity, …

Hypervision : Olap Audit

When it comes to keep promises … just put aside marketing noise … real platform dont need that kind of noise !

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 rc2 available for download

Dear Readers,

Just a quick post to announce Vanilla v4 rc2 is available now for download – on time – like the last release candidate before the public availability for version 4, january 13th.

Version 4 is a long project, and now that we are about to close it, we have sometimes strange feeling, not about the release itself, but like a team that close a chapter and has to re-open a new one soon. Version4 project was smoother was Version3, for various internal reasons … as a team, we jumped to next level of organisation & methods … its starting to pay back now.

Release candidate 2 is more a bug fix, without new module (VanillaPlace is still in beta mode, but will be available on time this year), as a result of the various tests we ran – internal, community and during the training session.

You can access Vanilla download center on Bpm-Conseil Web site, as Bpm-Conseil is the company that develop and support the Vanilla platform. Still 4 weeks to go before going live with official Version4 … future is bright for Vanilla !

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 countdown – 35 days before official launch

Dear Readers,

We are 35 days before official launch of Vanilla v4, just closing today the first Vanilla v4 early training session abroad. V4Rc1, available since last month, got fantastic feedback from early adopters. We will make V4Rc2 available next friday, december 16th, last version before official launch, 5 weeks from now. In addition, the last package to be released, VanillaPlace, will soon go live as a “limited edition”.

During this time, on commercial side, we won 7 “big accounts” (multi national companies & governmental agencies) over the last 30 days, all of them starting with Vanilla v4. 1 big deal  every 4 days … it went beyond our expectation, as most of those deal were closed after official open bid that included major commercial Bi editors. what we learnt from those wins is esay to express :

  1. Our partners did all answered using Vanilla v4 specification, which is a confirmation for Version 4 technical orientation (cloud-ready, load balancer, multi-services & thread) when it comes to large base of users. In addition, i was really delighted to notice that some of them have already strong knowledge of V4 new architectures and new features, such as UnitedOlap engine or FreeWebReport/Wysiwyg module.
  2. Fact like beeing serious in business, listenning to our partners & customers and keeping our promises since early versions have built a strong image for Vanilla, in terms of stability, performance and features. With Vanilla, we keep the promises some “marketing based” companies did in recent past …

For those who want to discover Vanilla Web user interface & modules, we put online a new video Vanilla version4 … I’m certain this video is a good material to make you start thinking about a move to Vanilla for your next Bi project !

Have Fun !