Vanilla v4 (Post 7 on 10) – Vanilla Box

Dear Readers,

With the new Vanilla v4, we have done our best to help developers starting with Vanilla, by providing additional “ready to run” or “ready to download” Vanilla platform.

In addition to our Amazon Machine, we are please to make available a Vanilla Virtualbox package, that everybody can download from Vanilla Download Centre

Documentation for the Vanilla Server configuration on VirtualBox (english/french document) is also available : Vanilla Virtual Box documentation (thanks to Charles !)

Last hot news : Bpm-Conseil, the company behind the Vanilla project, has been selected by RedHerring in the Global 100 Finalist. Unfortunatly, we will not attempt the last selection process … but recognation for Vanilla v4 is really important, and a real sign to accelerate the deployment on Vanilla

Latest news : for those who are in Malaysia next week, dont hesitate to join us at the Malaysia CIO conference, where I will talk about Dashboard-Kpi in the Cloud with Vanilla

Have Fun !


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