Vanilla v4 rc1 available for download

Dear Readers,

Vanilla v4 rc1 is available now for download, and this is a first big step toward the public availability for version 4, forecasted for mid-january. Well, all is not perfect, as we originally wanted to make rc1 available in october, but this additional delay give us time to add some of the new features we originally wanted to publish in rc2.

You can access Vanilla download center on Bpm-Conseil Web site, as Bpm-Conseil is the company that develop and support the Vanilla platform. We encourage you to come back to us if you have any question on version 4, as an introduction, here is a short list of the new features available now :
– UnitedOlap, a new high-performance Olap engine providing the ability to design your cubes on different data sources (even excel) and featuring an advanced cache system to speed your cubes.
– FreeWebReport, Wysiwyg edition, a new Web interface to design reports using Metadata documents,
– Advanced clustering and load balancing for the VanillaRuntime, spread your tasks and treatments across different vanilla’s.
– A new one stop VanillaViewer to view and interact with all your BI documents
– A brand new portal, faster and leaner.
– And many more improvements to overall user experience.

Have Fun !