Vanilla v4 (Post 6 on 10) – Vanilla Apps

Dear Readers,

There is something certain with Vanilla Apps : it’s growing every week, in terms of new supported platform (application & database), new document (more dashboard, more report, more cube, more Kpi) and in terms of architecture, because we have migrate to UnitedOlap engine. What does it means ? …  simply we can now delivere cube ready to run on production database, breaking the limitation of our old olap driver that supported only 1-column join strategy (it was not usable with production database, where join strategy is multi-column with snowflake schemas) … package “ready to deploy” that provide Bi on production database !

But most important with Vanilla Apps is now the number of platforms covered, as we provide now 11 : Mantis, OpenBravo, Glpi, VTiger, SugarCrm, OrangeHrm, GoogleAnalytics, Nagios, Cocktail, DotProject and Vanilla (itself). I’m certain most of you have already deployed 2 or 3 of those applications and would like to deploy standard Bi documents (available on Tablets & Smartphone), as opposed to managing report & dashboard for each application.

Now, next step is to improve the way we delivere Vanilla Apps, because we understand it’s sometimes difficult to have access to information about new document, new update, or even new Apps. This will be one of the new features that will come with Vanilla v4 : tools & methods to deploy Vanilla Apps using Enterprise Services … just keep in touch, I will provide soon the first screen shot of this new feature.

Have Fun !


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