Vanilla v4 (Post 8 on 10) – FreeDashboardWeb & VanillaViewer

Dear Reader,

With release Vanilla 4 rc2 (mid-december), we will provide one of the last piece of Web module that makes Vanilla the most comprehensive Open Source Bi platform : our new WebDashboard Designer, now supporting our Performance Dashboard Template, and making intensive use of Vanilla resources surch as FreeMetadata documents (version 4 rc1 only support standard Dashboard based on Vanilla dictionaries). Basically, FreeDashboardWeb is now very close – in terms of interface – from FreeWebReport/Wysiwyg, sharing a common set of widgets and features, which makes its use more easy for Web users.

Standard Web Interface to Design Dashboard

FreeDashBoard documents, like other Vanilla documents (Birt Report, IReport report, UnitedOlap View) are available from Vanilla portal (or any VanillaViewer compliant portal) using VanillaViewer, or standard component that provide standard functions to all documents (such as OpenOffice Export, Office Export, Pdf export, Xml export …). You can see below the result of a Dashboard that I design using FreeDashboardWeb (in less that 10 minutes).

Vanilla Viewer – document display Zoom out

Dont be confused by Vanilla Viewer : this standard piece of software is crazy : it can already run standard document, BiGateWay Etl transformation, BiWorkflow process … and we will add next year support for other format/documents (see below an example with an Etl transformation). Vanilla Viewer really stand as the next universal viewer for any kind of document (why users should have different reporting interface based on technical choice from developer to use Birt, IReport or CrystalReport Ide ?)

Vanilla Viewer – running a BiGateWay Etl transformation

Just understand why Vanilla is the most comprehensive, easiest & most sexy Web Interface …. simply because we are listenning to user expectation in terms of features & manipulations …

The loop is soon closed : new Portal, new Olap Interface (and engine), new Web Report Designer, new Kpi portal, new Web Dashboard Designer and new Web document Viewer, all sharing common interface & features (and sharing resources like Maps and search engine !) … this is why we jump to Version 4 as version number …

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 countdown – 50 days before official launch

Dear Readers,

We are now 50 days before official launch … and situation is so pleasant with Vanilla v4. All the modules are under control, and we have even added new features for our Olap package (simulation, new improved AddIn Excel, …).

Last package to be released is VanillaPlace, a new environnement to make deployment easier (soon I will post on this subject).

We invested time to write documentation, to test & correct the new packages … Vanilla v4 sounds already like a “must-to-have” in the Bi area, with arguments do compete with commercial platforms. First feedback we received from Vanilla v4 are so pleasant … we reached our objectives and our target !

Stay connect … during those last 50 days, still important news & document to come,

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 (Post 7 on 10) – Vanilla Box

Dear Readers,

With the new Vanilla v4, we have done our best to help developers starting with Vanilla, by providing additional “ready to run” or “ready to download” Vanilla platform.

In addition to our Amazon Machine, we are please to make available a Vanilla Virtualbox package, that everybody can download from Vanilla Download Centre

Documentation for the Vanilla Server configuration on VirtualBox (english/french document) is also available : Vanilla Virtual Box documentation (thanks to Charles !)

Last hot news : Bpm-Conseil, the company behind the Vanilla project, has been selected by RedHerring in the Global 100 Finalist. Unfortunatly, we will not attempt the last selection process … but recognation for Vanilla v4 is really important, and a real sign to accelerate the deployment on Vanilla

Latest news : for those who are in Malaysia next week, dont hesitate to join us at the Malaysia CIO conference, where I will talk about Dashboard-Kpi in the Cloud with Vanilla

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 rc1 available for download

Dear Readers,

Vanilla v4 rc1 is available now for download, and this is a first big step toward the public availability for version 4, forecasted for mid-january. Well, all is not perfect, as we originally wanted to make rc1 available in october, but this additional delay give us time to add some of the new features we originally wanted to publish in rc2.

You can access Vanilla download center on Bpm-Conseil Web site, as Bpm-Conseil is the company that develop and support the Vanilla platform. We encourage you to come back to us if you have any question on version 4, as an introduction, here is a short list of the new features available now :
– UnitedOlap, a new high-performance Olap engine providing the ability to design your cubes on different data sources (even excel) and featuring an advanced cache system to speed your cubes.
– FreeWebReport, Wysiwyg edition, a new Web interface to design reports using Metadata documents,
– Advanced clustering and load balancing for the VanillaRuntime, spread your tasks and treatments across different vanilla’s.
– A new one stop VanillaViewer to view and interact with all your BI documents
– A brand new portal, faster and leaner.
– And many more improvements to overall user experience.

Have Fun !

Vanilla v4 (Post 6 on 10) – Vanilla Apps

Dear Readers,

There is something certain with Vanilla Apps : it’s growing every week, in terms of new supported platform (application & database), new document (more dashboard, more report, more cube, more Kpi) and in terms of architecture, because we have migrate to UnitedOlap engine. What does it means ? …  simply we can now delivere cube ready to run on production database, breaking the limitation of our old olap driver that supported only 1-column join strategy (it was not usable with production database, where join strategy is multi-column with snowflake schemas) … package “ready to deploy” that provide Bi on production database !

But most important with Vanilla Apps is now the number of platforms covered, as we provide now 11 : Mantis, OpenBravo, Glpi, VTiger, SugarCrm, OrangeHrm, GoogleAnalytics, Nagios, Cocktail, DotProject and Vanilla (itself). I’m certain most of you have already deployed 2 or 3 of those applications and would like to deploy standard Bi documents (available on Tablets & Smartphone), as opposed to managing report & dashboard for each application.

Now, next step is to improve the way we delivere Vanilla Apps, because we understand it’s sometimes difficult to have access to information about new document, new update, or even new Apps. This will be one of the new features that will come with Vanilla v4 : tools & methods to deploy Vanilla Apps using Enterprise Services … just keep in touch, I will provide soon the first screen shot of this new feature.

Have Fun !