Vanilla v4 (Post 5 on 10) – Hypervision update

Dear Readers,

Last week, I just get an update version of Vanilla Hypervision and once again, Vanilla dev team kept its promise to delievere a Top Quality package that provides features to manage Vanilla v4 components, such as cluster of server, UnitedOlap Cubes and additional features such as Drag&Drop deployment of package between server or visual analysis of request’s performance.

Hypervision is part of Vanilla Apps, as an additional package for supported customers who deploy cluster of Vanilla server. Typical architecture is a 3 servers installation, with a master server to provide Portail & Reporting/Dashboard Services, a second server for Olap Services and Cache Management, and a third server for background reports & workflow/etl process.

Hypervision Interface, with access to specific functions (it looks like Enterprise Services)

Hypervision Cluster Management & Thread Management for each node

Hypervision Visual Deployment of Packages between servers

Hypervision UnitedOlap Request Analysis

If you have a single instance of Vanilla running in production, there is no real need to go for Hypervision (except now for UnitedOlap management, such as mdx query analysis or cache management). If you want to provide your user with real time services, in a private or public cloud, Hypervision is the package of excellence to manage your Vanilla infrastructure.

Have Fun !


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