Vanilla v4 (Post 3 on 10) – WebKpi Module

Dear Readers,

With version 4, we provide an update of our Kpi module, that leverage new features of Vanilla such as Maps support. The FreeMetrics Kpi module has been deploy as a Vanilla module since the early beginning, in 2006 (at that time, Vanilla was not yet a platform) and has been widely deployed in large projects, such as “observatories projects” that deal with collection of data & report on various indicators.

FreeMetrics Kpi module is a dual Java (Admin/Designer / Loader / User) and Web (Loader / User) module. This post just focus on the 2 Web modules : FmLoader, used to enter data & comment, and FmUser, used to display data into various representation, such as graph & Maps localisation. Those modules have been updated to reflect look&feel evolution, as well as taking advantage of the Maps support.

Kpi Web Loader – data entry

Using the Web interface, user with according rights can manage value for Kpi, for Kpi period

Kpi Web Loader – data evolution & comment

While managing Kpi values, User can see Kpi evolution and add comments

Kpi Web User – List of Kpi for selection of Kpi

In the User module, we provide a multi-criteria filter to select a list of Kpi

Kpi Web User – Graph for a Kpi

For each Kpi of the list, user can access a gauge / graph wisualisation, for the selected period & date

Kpi Web User – Kpi on Maps

For each Kpi of the list, user can access a map visualisation, for the selected period & date

Have Fun !



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