Vanilla v4 (Post 2 on 10) – Olap Reporting

Dear Reader,

It’s a nice thing we just closed the new feature “Olap Reporting” last week, which takes part of the 10 great new features for Vanilla version 4.

Now, using Vanilla, you can built your own report using either Birt or FreeWebReport on either a Sql database structure or an Olap database structure. Ok, poor comment could be “it’s already available with Cx or Bx commercial products for a long time”. I agree, it is … with some limitations, both technical and financial.

Now, using Vanilla, we just broke those limitations, because in version 4, this feature will be available in Open Source. What about the “old platorm competition” … well, even in dreams – even in there commercial version – they are stucked to Sql-reporting. No need for additional comments, we all knows old-fashion architecture will be soon out of “business”, as thousand of Usd in mail campaign can’t hide technical limitation

So, to come back on Olap Reporting, just have a look at those screenshots, because – again – its worth thousand words.

Design of a Report using Metadata (based on UnitedOlap datasource)

Preview of the Report in the Web interface

Technically, we provide access to Olap data source using either a FreeMetadata document or a new oda driver for Olap Data source (that you can use in Birt). We provide 3 Reporting interfaces : FreeWebReport (Web Reporting), Birt (java Reporting) and FreeDashboard (Java and Web Dashboarding). All those interfaces allow Designer to build multi datasource reports, with multiples layers

Have Fun,

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