Vanilla v4 (Post 5 on 10) – Hypervision update

Dear Readers,

Last week, I just get an update version of Vanilla Hypervision and once again, Vanilla dev team kept its promise to delievere a Top Quality package that provides features to manage Vanilla v4 components, such as cluster of server, UnitedOlap Cubes and additional features such as Drag&Drop deployment of package between server or visual analysis of request’s performance.

Hypervision is part of Vanilla Apps, as an additional package for supported customers who deploy cluster of Vanilla server. Typical architecture is a 3 servers installation, with a master server to provide Portail & Reporting/Dashboard Services, a second server for Olap Services and Cache Management, and a third server for background reports & workflow/etl process.

Hypervision Interface, with access to specific functions (it looks like Enterprise Services)

Hypervision Cluster Management & Thread Management for each node

Hypervision Visual Deployment of Packages between servers

Hypervision UnitedOlap Request Analysis

If you have a single instance of Vanilla running in production, there is no real need to go for Hypervision (except now for UnitedOlap management, such as mdx query analysis or cache management). If you want to provide your user with real time services, in a private or public cloud, Hypervision is the package of excellence to manage your Vanilla infrastructure.

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Vanilla v4 (Post 4 on 10) – a look at Vanilla Portal

Dear Readers,

Again, some screenshot are better than thousand words … just have a look at our refresh Portal interface. We have make it easier to navigate, set common look & feel with other module (Olap, Reporting, Dashboard, Kpi), and provide additional features such as multi panel support, zoom in/out on panel, access to document management functions, enhanced seach engine, collaboration workplace on documents …

Portal Interface


Olap View


Another Dashboard

Acceptance from early adopter of Vanilla v4 portal is great, we are confident this enhanced workplace will change the way standard users see a “Web portal”, and we believe additional features (collaboration, search engine, document management) we added to this interface will make users more happy to connect & check their new reports & documents

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Vanilla v4 (Post 3 on 10) – WebKpi Module

Dear Readers,

With version 4, we provide an update of our Kpi module, that leverage new features of Vanilla such as Maps support. The FreeMetrics Kpi module has been deploy as a Vanilla module since the early beginning, in 2006 (at that time, Vanilla was not yet a platform) and has been widely deployed in large projects, such as “observatories projects” that deal with collection of data & report on various indicators.

FreeMetrics Kpi module is a dual Java (Admin/Designer / Loader / User) and Web (Loader / User) module. This post just focus on the 2 Web modules : FmLoader, used to enter data & comment, and FmUser, used to display data into various representation, such as graph & Maps localisation. Those modules have been updated to reflect look&feel evolution, as well as taking advantage of the Maps support.

Kpi Web Loader – data entry

Using the Web interface, user with according rights can manage value for Kpi, for Kpi period

Kpi Web Loader – data evolution & comment

While managing Kpi values, User can see Kpi evolution and add comments

Kpi Web User – List of Kpi for selection of Kpi

In the User module, we provide a multi-criteria filter to select a list of Kpi

Kpi Web User – Graph for a Kpi

For each Kpi of the list, user can access a gauge / graph wisualisation, for the selected period & date

Kpi Web User – Kpi on Maps

For each Kpi of the list, user can access a map visualisation, for the selected period & date

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Vanilla v4 (Post 2 on 10) – Olap Reporting

Dear Reader,

It’s a nice thing we just closed the new feature “Olap Reporting” last week, which takes part of the 10 great new features for Vanilla version 4.

Now, using Vanilla, you can built your own report using either Birt or FreeWebReport on either a Sql database structure or an Olap database structure. Ok, poor comment could be “it’s already available with Cx or Bx commercial products for a long time”. I agree, it is … with some limitations, both technical and financial.

Now, using Vanilla, we just broke those limitations, because in version 4, this feature will be available in Open Source. What about the “old platorm competition” … well, even in dreams – even in there commercial version – they are stucked to Sql-reporting. No need for additional comments, we all knows old-fashion architecture will be soon out of “business”, as thousand of Usd in mail campaign can’t hide technical limitation

So, to come back on Olap Reporting, just have a look at those screenshots, because – again – its worth thousand words.

Design of a Report using Metadata (based on UnitedOlap datasource)

Preview of the Report in the Web interface

Technically, we provide access to Olap data source using either a FreeMetadata document or a new oda driver for Olap Data source (that you can use in Birt). We provide 3 Reporting interfaces : FreeWebReport (Web Reporting), Birt (java Reporting) and FreeDashboard (Java and Web Dashboarding). All those interfaces allow Designer to build multi datasource reports, with multiples layers

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Vanilla v4 countdown

Dear Readers,

Just a quick post to say we just crossed the 100 days before official launch of Vanilla verison 4, as we decided to make it available for unregistered companies friday 13th, januray 2012. First preview will be available end of october, that include all the new modules such as FreeWebReport/Wysiwyg or UnitedOlap Platform. Once again, on behalf of the Vanilla project team, I would like to thank all the participants who invested time to test early version of UnitedOlap during the past 3 months : your contribution is great (and sorry again for those who were not included in the test drive … we simply couldn’t manage all the requests during this period)

Stay connect … during those 100 days, more news & document to come,

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 (Post 1 on 10) – FreeWebReport

Dear Readers,

Let’s start this 10-posts sequence by talking about FreeWebReport/Wysiwyg experience, that complement the FreeWebReport/Wizard and FreeWebReport/Explorer modules, that make FreeWebReport the most comprehensive and most playable interface in the WebReporting area.

As usual, FreeWebReport makes intensive usage of FreeMetadata secured documents as data source. Its complete Wysiwyg interface allows user to design complexes reports, but also open/modify already existing reports. See below some screenshot and access to videos for FreeWebReport/Wysigyw features, its better than thousand lines of post.

This interface provide you with Design and Preview panel, and with preview when designing each components. Different Datasets can be created, based on different Metadata (!!!!! … !!!!!!!), and you can decide whether or not the dataset are linked (!!!!! … !!!!!!!)

FreeWebReport – Chart Designer, using FreeMetadata document

FreeWebReport – Chard & List in same report

Some usefull videos

Vanilla4 – FreeWebReport Wysiwyg – simple list, list with group, dynamic expand of group/detail, interactive filter on data

Vanilla4 – FreeWebReport Wysiwyg – simple list & graph group, dynamic expand of group/detail

Vanilla4 – FreeWebReport Wysiwyg – CrossTab Report & Graph

Vanilla4 – FreeWebReport Wysiwyg – Using Templates to create reports (3 examples)

Have Fun !