Cloud and Data Security

Dear Readers,

Some of you remember about our past problems with Sourceforge, which take possession of an early version of FreeAnalysis Schema Designer and reject us from their forge, based on a unilateral request from an unknow us based claimer (in 2007). It was a nice experience for us, without heavy consequences because the project was just starting and we had backup of the code. At that time, I read some of the Us law in terms of data acquisition and was surprised to learn that if I upload a file on a French server, but this server is mirrored in Us (without my permission or any warning) … then, Us server owns the data. So, we moved to a French based provider, and we have no problems anymore.

I wont talk about facebook and its set of privacy issues (their are a lot, but its the game if you want to make your life public), but rather concentrate on this news about Andromede, the French cloud to compete with Us based cloud (sorry, article is in French). Well, competition is always nice … but appart from this news and the remembrance about the Us patriot act, there is another comment, especially in Bi : when we are talking about data security on the cloud, we think “security of access” … we simply forget that on some cloud, we don’t own the data anymore once they are uploaded … its like changing the locker of your door, without beeing aware you don’t own your house anymore !

Have Fun !


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