Leave us Alone !

Dear Readers,

Go out of France … it’s like a word out of my heart ! Well, it’s been some weeks I was “quiet” on my blog, working on different subjects in relation with Vanilla. Today, a nasty spam mail from Px forced me to wake up, because it’s time to react when other are going beyond some limits.

Last week, we announced Vanilla training session in different locations in France (Paris, Lyon), and I think it’s “usual methods” from old fashion Px “competitor” to announce/react – 1 week after – same kind of training session at same dates (“same kind” is like a comparison between 45 disk & Blue Ray Dvd).

But what is really sad, is that price announcement is in CHF (Swiss Franc) or Usd … sorry to remind you that France is part of Euros one of the strongest currency in the world, supporting our local employment ¬†& companies, far away from Us way of doing business. It’s really funny to read that “said local” Us editor and their “local” partners¬†are not even aware of or country / continent currency … far away from their “deep coverage” announcement and wide European deployment. Keeping silence would be better … yes, until certain limits … Please, go out of France and focus on Florida, may be it’s better strategy ?

Additional note for some french SI promoting Px … you are ridiculous, doesn’t need any other comment !

Have Fun!