UnitedOlap, Designer Explorer

Dear Readers,

First of all, I would like to thanks all the persons who contacted us to be part of the UnitedOlap test Team. It’s really a nice message sent to the UnitedOlap dev team to have experienced persons behind us to finalise some features and run tests on various databases.

I took time to answer to most of the mails (for those with clear mail address), to indicate that we forecast to add new testers with period 2 of the global test, which should start second half of july, once we will have collected & solved most of the identified bugs.

During the test period, development of new features such as new integrated explorer to browse more objects while developing the schema. I will go short on the competition, because there is nothing in Open Source (Designer + EXplorer of Cubes), leading to painfull cycle of development/tests.

So, thans to Eclipse PlugIn technology, we have added 2 explorers in our FreeAnalysis Schema Designer, one basic, to test direct Mdx statment, and another one with more interactivity, which purpose is to take place of FreeAnalysis Java, our java cube package.

Interface to select dimensions & measures

2 interestings features : you can select your profile/group to browse the dataset and you can limit the number of rows used from the fact tables (during the develpment/test, to reduce time to build the grid)

Results in a grid on large dataset

Revival of the Java package …. !!!

We finally make it … still under development, but already usable, promising and soon flashy !

… dont miss a chance to be part of the next generation of Open Source Olap Engine, join us and be involved in the Roadmap !

Have Fun !


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  1. interessante, grazie

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