Vanilla Viewer

Dear Readers,

There is a nice piece of software available in Vanilla 3.4 : Vanilla Viewer, and this post will echo my previous post, 25th avril, on this subject. Basically, Vanilla viewer takes place of Birt Viewer, but provides more : for users, a common visual interface that support Birt & Ireport reports (and we can imagine running also other report format …). This means : no matter what is the developer interface, user will access a standard unified interface to run it.

Vanilla Viewer interface

Second point, we provide more : OpenOffice “save as …” features, that allow users to save the report in Oo format. Also, Vanilla Viewer support standard features such as cascading prompts and multi selection, along with the possibility to save the report in our document workspace, for indexation and reusability (something which is missing i Birt Viewer as you can only save your report in local, and not on your portal’s workspace.)

Interface with save option (internal to Vanilla document system)

Vanilla Viewer – cascading selection

All in one, the direction for Vanilla Viewer is to provide more support for FreeAnalysis view, FreeDashboard document, statistical values for BiGateway transformation and BiWorkflow process …

Vanilla Viewer – Pdf Export

Beeing developped as a component, Vanilla Viewer is easilly embedable in any external portal, as a portlet, to provide external access to Vanilla Bi documents,

Have Fun !


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