UnitedOlap and Manual Dimensions

Dear Readers,

Another crazy feature is available in UnitedOlap, using our UnitedOlap Designer : you can easilly create a dimension level by your own (we call it MANUAL DIMENSION) and assign your child member to “virtual father node”. It’s so usefull when you miss a new level to group your data.

Just ┬álet me give you a simple example. Suppose you have a list of countries but not the “continent” information in your database. Which means by default you can’t view the data per continent without any heavy operation such as adding a new table in your database, or a new column in your dimension table, along with building an interface to enter the codification.

With UnitedOlap, simply create MANUALLY a new dimension level (“continent” in our example) and assign each country to its continent. In 10 minutes, you can view your data using a “continent” dimension, without any new tables in your database (or SpreadSheet, / csv datafile) … all is under control by the Olap Designer …

… soon available in preview, this summer, along with documentation (Pdf, Video) …

Have Fun !