FreeAnalysis Schema Designer for UnitedOlap (part 5)

Dear Readers,

Last day of the week … last post to discovere UnitedOlap & FreeAnalysis Schema Designer features. Below, some screenshots about Maps/Cube integration, already available with Vanilla 3.4 … still available with UnitedOlap ! All is Metadata secured … beauty of the Vanilla platform !

Maps definition using Norparena

Dimension parameter in FreeAnalysis Schema Designer

Level parameter in  FreeAnalysis Schema Designer

Result in FreeAnalysis Web

Let’s be clear and direct : all the subjects covered this weeks are not available in marketing based old Olap bundle (coming from Us or Italy, just bundle) … and will never be available. I regularly read some bad comment about our French based Vanilla project … don’t forget the 2008 Us financial crash … some analysts are just marketing company (like the “.G” and its funny leasy analyst … thanks again for not endorsing our marketing … we saved valuable money and invested it in our platform …).

Have Fun !