FreeAnalysis Schema Designer for UnitedOlap (part 3)

Dear Readers,

Today, let’s explore together the “Explore” features of FreeAnalysis Schema Designer. Those features are already available in the standard “jdbc / sql” edition, and we moved everything to provide support with oda dataset. In addition, it’s a good reminder of what is available in Fasd.

Those data browsers and structure explorer are valuable : they help bi designers to understand the data content and data value split (without beeing forced to launch an external browser and setting again connection profile) and the structure results (dimension and cubes) before publication against the Vanilla portal (meaning : you can view real-time the impact of any of your modification, saving times & making the design process smoother)

Browse of dataset

Browse of column – column value split

Dimension Explorer

Cube Explorer

Tomorrow, we will explore how we have implemented the security, another interesting subject not covered by first generation of Open Source Bi package

Have Fun !