FreeAnalysis Schema Designer for UnitedOlap (part 2)

Dear Readers,

Some more features with Fasd/UOlap, that are usefull when you have stock control or cumulative data instead of daily data, and you want to manage only the “first” or the “last” value, for a date dimension/period.

We added a new Wizard interface where you can select the behaviour of your measure

New Wizard for measure definition

From this interface, you can easilly select your measure (either calculated or from fact table) and choose between last and first behaviour. You have to indicate which date-aware dimension will support the last/first, and it’s done. No more complex Mdx to type, we hide all the complexity for you !

Last/First Definition

Another crazy wizard and feature is the dynamic behaviour for a measure, where you can display, for example, the “sum” of the measure at the root level of a dimension, the “min” for its child level and the “average” for its grand-child level. There are thousand of business case where you need this dynamic aggregate calculation feature, with Fasd/UOlap, we make it easy to implement

Dynamic Aggregate interface

Those pictures worth a thousand words, just look around and evaluate how to provide those features with stone-age first generation Open Source Bi Platform …

Have Fun !


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