FreeAnalysis Schema Designer for UnitedOlap (part 1)

Dear Readers,

Some news about UnitedOlap, as we are about to make the first bundle public this summer.

Let’s focus on FreeAnalysis Schema Designer (Fasd), and how we enhanced this package to support UnitedOlap concepts and new features (simply because without a good integrated designer, you can’t developp interesting Olap schema)

– Fasd support Oda DataSource and Oda DataSet (like Birt, FreeDashboard, or even BiGateWay). It has high interest, as you can take benefit of already existing oda datasource such as Excel, GoogleDocs, FreeWebReport and FreeMetadata datasources)

Oda support in Fasd

DataSet Selection (example in Excel SpreadSheet)

– We embeded a “Date” Wizard to design a Date dimension using a single column (no more the painfull design of year/quarter/month in different columns !)

Date Wizard Interface : column selection

Date Wizard Interface : dimension definition

Some people – early testers, soon early adopters – already told me that UnitedOlap is the future of Open Source Olap, putting aside old existing driver

I like those comment, because we designed UnitedOlap using our experience of commercial products and the pain & limitation we had with some other software

Have Fun !


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