Vanilla 3.4

Dear Readers,

We finally release version 3.4, on time ! 7 months after version 3, we pushed the Vanilla Platform to another level of functions and performance. Congratulation to the Vanilla Team, and happy birthday to Marc & Charles, both 24 year old today !

There is some discussion about the Vanilla project, especially because we are a profitable project that fund itself through our projects & customer base, which is not the way some Us based “Open Source” (still ?) companies have chosen to develop their company. But what finally matter : we provide a reliable platform, with a lot of innovative functions (document management, forms, maps, apps, kpi …) that are not available anywhere else. Product versus marketing … long debate, no answer … yes, a simple answer : Vanilla Mobile, available today for IOS and Android … just look around what is available in Open Source Bi (versus announcement) !

Vanilla Mobile for Android and IPhone Smartphone & Tablet

You can here find an english description of Vanilla 3.4 New Features.

Vous pouvez accéder à la version française des Nouveautés Vanilla 3.4

Have Fun !



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