Vanilla 3.4 – Vanilla Viewer

Dear Readers,

Last Week before official launch of Vanilla 3.4 – Spring Walk. We have finished the tests, most of the documentation (news one and update), and first run of packaging.

Vanilla 3.4 Interface – Spring Walk

One problem solved with version 3.4 is the size of the Server, that lost 40% of its size compare to version 3.0. This is the result of 3 majors actions :

– more WebApps have moved to VanillaRuntime (separation between the interface and the functions), in a common Osgi environment (VanillaRuntime), reducing the duplication of some jar & libs

– Vanilla Portal Code was review (thanks to Emmanuel) and clean of thousand of lines of “dead code” (Metadata Explorer, Old Report Viewer, Many unused Features …)

– we provide a new Vanilla Viewer, that take the place of the initial Birt Viewer. Our Viewer is in our VanillaRuntime Osgi WebApps, so we saved some additional 160 Mb

Vanilla Report Viewer

Vanilla Viewer is embeded with our History & Document Management system, with is not available using Birt Viewer (meaning : using our new viewer, your reports can be saved in file system and can be indexed to be available in search engine)

Report Viewer – document naming & history management

For those who still want to use Birt Viewer (in respect with already deployed Platforms), you can easilly download it (additional package) and change a config files to keep using it.

Report Viewer – Prompt Management

For new adopters, Vanilla Viewer is the way to go, because it will be our Universal Viewer for all report types (including IReport format).

Have Fun !



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