File and document management with Vanilla

Dear Readers,

As you know, with Vanilla v3, we have added a document management component that provide a search feature on keyword for any kind of document (external like word or pdf document document or vanilla document, such as reports). In fact, a Bi platform should not only produce document provide and access to information, but it needs also to provide features to leverage the information, and publish this secured information in a way user can manipulate it.

Document management is not trivial (I’m not talking about report creation !), and we need a dedicated module to do it, with 2 obligation : no code and right place for the feature (we don’t confuse etl and workflow). So, we have added document management functions into BiWorkflow, considering document management is part of a workflow process that can be automate.

Using BiWorkflow, you can easilly produce reports, concate those report into Pdf or Excel document (different folders) and add the document into our document management database (then, document is indexed on keywords), send it by mail or push it on (s)ftp server. So easy, using only drag&drop widget – no coding !


Various Concat Activities in Panel (Report, Excel, Pdf)


Vanilla Activities (Run BiGateWay, Run Burst Report, Add to Document Management)


Simple Workfklow to aggregate 2 reports in an Excel document


Excel Aggregate : various document in various folders, panel properties


Pdf Aggregate : panel properties


All Bi Designers have to do is drawing a Workflow and setting properties in panels … no coding, very easy to develop and to maintain … and provide additional out-of-box features such as xor conditional testing / workflow redirection, file (hard disk) / table (database) management …  and proven usefull feature : BiWorkflow supports user input while workflow is running !

Have Fun !


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