Welcome UnitedOlap

Dear Reader,

1st of April, time to announce our new Open Source project : UnitedOlap.

UnitedOlap is a crazy development : Open Source Olap Server engine (not a single driver) that can take the place of the other Old Olap driver (I don’t remember the name …). It provides all we were looking for a while : new datasource support, easy to customize, high performance, easy to secure …

To design United Olap Schema, we have enhanced our Olap Designer, FreeAnalysis Schema Designer, to support Oda datasource and sql datasource.

With the support of oda datasource, we broke the frontier of “sql only” datasource, providing bi designer with a way to use Excel spreadsheet, xml or csv datafile, as datasource.

Oups … I forgot : with support of oda datasource, you can also use FreeMetadata oda datasource ! What is the benefit ? … simply now, you can setup your cube’s security using FreeMetadata, so without any modification of your schema, you can modify your security policy in FreeMetadata and see the result in Freeanalysis Web …
Last year, I wrote a post about our Etl, BiGateway, which is the first “Metadata oriented Etl Platform” … let’s see UnitedOlap as the first “Metadata oriented Olap Platform”

UnitedOlap is already available in our laboratory, and result is great ! No performance issue, support for a lot of new calculated members, future available is today !!!!!!! … but we will take some more time to make the project even better, before official launch. So, UnitedOlap won’t be part of Vanilla 3.4, just about to be release this month … you may have to wait for a while …

Well … if you want to be part if this new project, just send me a mail, we will give you access to the current release,

Have Fun,


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  1. Could I possible get a copy of unitedolap for a testdrive.


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