Vanilla 3.4

Dear Readers,

We finally release version 3.4, on time ! 7 months after version 3, we pushed the Vanilla Platform to another level of functions and performance. Congratulation to the Vanilla Team, and happy birthday to Marc & Charles, both 24 year old today !

There is some discussion about the Vanilla project, especially because we are a profitable project that fund itself through our projects & customer base, which is not the way some Us based “Open Source” (still ?) companies have chosen to develop their company. But what finally matter : we provide a reliable platform, with a lot of innovative functions (document management, forms, maps, apps, kpi …) that are not available anywhere else. Product versus marketing … long debate, no answer … yes, a simple answer : Vanilla Mobile, available today for IOS and Android … just look around what is available in Open Source Bi (versus announcement) !

Vanilla Mobile for Android and IPhone Smartphone & Tablet

You can here find an english description of Vanilla 3.4 New Features.

Vous pouvez accéder à la version française des Nouveautés Vanilla 3.4

Have Fun !


Vanilla 3.4 – Vanilla Viewer

Dear Readers,

Last Week before official launch of Vanilla 3.4 – Spring Walk. We have finished the tests, most of the documentation (news one and update), and first run of packaging.

Vanilla 3.4 Interface – Spring Walk

One problem solved with version 3.4 is the size of the Server, that lost 40% of its size compare to version 3.0. This is the result of 3 majors actions :

– more WebApps have moved to VanillaRuntime (separation between the interface and the functions), in a common Osgi environment (VanillaRuntime), reducing the duplication of some jar & libs

– Vanilla Portal Code was review (thanks to Emmanuel) and clean of thousand of lines of “dead code” (Metadata Explorer, Old Report Viewer, Many unused Features …)

– we provide a new Vanilla Viewer, that take the place of the initial Birt Viewer. Our Viewer is in our VanillaRuntime Osgi WebApps, so we saved some additional 160 Mb

Vanilla Report Viewer

Vanilla Viewer is embeded with our History & Document Management system, with is not available using Birt Viewer (meaning : using our new viewer, your reports can be saved in file system and can be indexed to be available in search engine)

Report Viewer – document naming & history management

For those who still want to use Birt Viewer (in respect with already deployed Platforms), you can easilly download it (additional package) and change a config files to keep using it.

Report Viewer – Prompt Management

For new adopters, Vanilla Viewer is the way to go, because it will be our Universal Viewer for all report types (including IReport format).

Have Fun !


Courage & Ethics

Dear Readers,

I was surprised this monday by the warning of S&P on the american debt. Not surprised by the amount itself, it’s public (the part we know), but more by the courage of the notation agency, because we can imagine the pressure they had when it was “time for decision”.

What does it means : situation is so bad for US debt, with direct impact on economy, that now nobody can stay blind ? Honest, it’s not the real subject. Subject is more “somebody was courageous enough to make the announcement. Is it better for S&P for their future business & credibility, as opposed to others agencies that stay blind on the subject ? Wait & See, no crystal globe available this morning

Situation is strange, because the American government “forgot” to include those agencies for their responsabilities in the 2008 financial crash, even if we all know they had their part of responsability, by selling good notes to poor bank’s products.

I will put this in parallel with marketing agencies in software, and make the difference between those who still stay blind to Open Source Bi (and especially Vanilla), and those who start talking about the wave (like Forrester) : never forget some of those agencies, in software or finance, are only marketing companies that sell “analysis” based on the money they get for the study from editors. Be cautious and make your own study, it will sometimes save you a lot of money, and also save you the feeling of having been screwed by somebody you trusted …

Have Fun !


Vanilla for Smart Apps, global solution

Dear Readers,

Just an update on my previous posts about our new line of products Vanilla4Iphone and Vanilla4Android. Both application are available, and functional coverage is 95% the same (Vanilla4Iphone can run FreeDashboard document, but can’t display Flash graphs and Flash maps)

Just have a look at the quality of the interfaces, and the usability of the Apps, for access to business data.

Vanilla4IPhone – Olap Explorer

Vanilla4Iphone – Report Viewer

Vanilla4IPhone – Server Definition

Vanilla4Android – Flash Dashboard Viewer

Future of Mobile Bi on Iphone and Android, Smartphone and Tablet, is available today : it’s Vanilla !

Have Fun !


Vanilla 3.4 – rc3 On Time !

Dear Readers,

This week, we got rc3 for the soon-available Vanilla version 3.4. Good news is that 95% of the features are already available (only the new Birt Viewer is little late, should be fixed this wek), and we have added more, because we will be in position to provide Iphone & Android Apps.

Usability & features are great : I can enjoy the creation of a secure metadata, manage maps definition in new package – Norparena – and create secure cube, dashboard & report that embed maps on secured datas. Maps are also interactives, with color coding and drill-down facilities. A crazy feature : using Birt & our GMaps Plugin, you can add streat view into your Birt report, using our address repository, to visually geolocalize location. Could be usefull … but at least, it’s funny !

Just have a look at the 3.4rc3 connection interface, more to come soon …

Have Fun !


Vanilla for IPhone

Dear Readers,

We finally close this smartphone loop : Vanilla4IPhone is available for internal tests, and it looks already great !

Well, thanks to Vanilla Architecture & our Dev’s Team, Vanilla4IPhone was smooth to process : we had already the interface (from Vanilla4Android) and the server side components. New subjects was Objective-C language and some IPhone UI standard to follow.

Server Selection Interface

Simple Report Display

Vanilla4Android and Vanilla4IPhone will be available this month (on Android Market and Apple Store), along with the release of Vanilla version 3.4

… more to come in next post : Olap native Support, BarCode Reader …

Have Fun !


File and document management with Vanilla

Dear Readers,

As you know, with Vanilla v3, we have added a document management component that provide a search feature on keyword for any kind of document (external like word or pdf document document or vanilla document, such as reports). In fact, a Bi platform should not only produce document provide and access to information, but it needs also to provide features to leverage the information, and publish this secured information in a way user can manipulate it.

Document management is not trivial (I’m not talking about report creation !), and we need a dedicated module to do it, with 2 obligation : no code and right place for the feature (we don’t confuse etl and workflow). So, we have added document management functions into BiWorkflow, considering document management is part of a workflow process that can be automate.

Using BiWorkflow, you can easilly produce reports, concate those report into Pdf or Excel document (different folders) and add the document into our document management database (then, document is indexed on keywords), send it by mail or push it on (s)ftp server. So easy, using only drag&drop widget – no coding !


Various Concat Activities in Panel (Report, Excel, Pdf)


Vanilla Activities (Run BiGateWay, Run Burst Report, Add to Document Management)


Simple Workfklow to aggregate 2 reports in an Excel document


Excel Aggregate : various document in various folders, panel properties


Pdf Aggregate : panel properties


All Bi Designers have to do is drawing a Workflow and setting properties in panels … no coding, very easy to develop and to maintain … and provide additional out-of-box features such as xor conditional testing / workflow redirection, file (hard disk) / table (database) management …  and proven usefull feature : BiWorkflow supports user input while workflow is running !

Have Fun !


Welcome UnitedOlap

Dear Reader,

1st of April, time to announce our new Open Source project : UnitedOlap.

UnitedOlap is a crazy development : Open Source Olap Server engine (not a single driver) that can take the place of the other Old Olap driver (I don’t remember the name …). It provides all we were looking for a while : new datasource support, easy to customize, high performance, easy to secure …

To design United Olap Schema, we have enhanced our Olap Designer, FreeAnalysis Schema Designer, to support Oda datasource and sql datasource.

With the support of oda datasource, we broke the frontier of “sql only” datasource, providing bi designer with a way to use Excel spreadsheet, xml or csv datafile, as datasource.

Oups … I forgot : with support of oda datasource, you can also use FreeMetadata oda datasource ! What is the benefit ? … simply now, you can setup your cube’s security using FreeMetadata, so without any modification of your schema, you can modify your security policy in FreeMetadata and see the result in Freeanalysis Web …
Last year, I wrote a post about our Etl, BiGateway, which is the first “Metadata oriented Etl Platform” … let’s see UnitedOlap as the first “Metadata oriented Olap Platform”

UnitedOlap is already available in our laboratory, and result is great ! No performance issue, support for a lot of new calculated members, future available is today !!!!!!! … but we will take some more time to make the project even better, before official launch. So, UnitedOlap won’t be part of Vanilla 3.4, just about to be release this month … you may have to wait for a while …

Well … if you want to be part if this new project, just send me a mail, we will give you access to the current release,

Have Fun,