Vanilla 3.4 – Olap / Maps integration

Dear Readers,

Note : to stupid narrow minded looser who provides stupid comment on this post, we provide both features : geolocalisation and maps display. No confusion. Why it’s always coming from Px ? … just forget us, we have our own product, don’t be jealous, it’s stupid

Other the past few months, I saw some post about Olap/Maps integration, but unfortunatly : either fake post / fake video or simply hard coded integration. So sad, because potential bi developers are in need of clean usable interface, not looking for java code integration. This is a never ending subject of dispute with some persons … but no doubt for if you want to get wide adoption, you need to provide gui designer, not java integration library.

With Vanilla 3.4, we provide an address / maps repository, that can be used to declare either maps or even any kind of building structure (to locate stock or office, for example). Using the address database, along with FreeAnalysisSchema Designer, we have introduce a new concept for dimension/hierarchy : “geolocalisable dimension”, that allow designer to link a dimension with a Map you can choose from the repository.

Now, using FreeAnalysisWeb, user can display Maps choosing dynamically the measur, the level in the geo-dimension and the level in the crossed dimension, along with color coding instruction.

Maps from FreeAnalysisWeb

Maps Selection & Maps Color Coding

Maps Interface

Maps Interface : choosing another level for data measures

Result with new level

Bonus : if you have defined a drill path between 2 maps in your maps repository, you have automatic drill through feature from your master map.

Drill from Europe to France

Drill from France to Rhone

This integration close the loop : Maps is everywhere with Vanilla 3.4, leveraging the new Address/Maps repository

Have Fun !



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