Vanilla and Cocktail

Dear Readers,

Just a simple post about “Vanilla 4 Cocktail”, one of our last package “ready to deploy”. You can find a simple page that describes the package here.

I wish all the best to the new Cocktail Office company that will push the Cocktail project, because the project is important and the people are great ! We really like to work with Jean-Marc and his team … Universities and High School need the Cocktail project to downsize and manage their It infrastructure.

Vanilla4Cocktail is ready to deploy, and contains reports, maps, cubes, dashboard about the most important Cocktail module (school management, accounting, salary, budget …). Using our package, no need anymore to invest into commercial Bi software … and best of the bread, you can deploy your reports to everybody (teacher, student) at no additional cost !

Important subject with Vanilla4Cocktail is the security : using our latest package – Tango – that take in charge database authentification synchronisation – we provide a cartridge “Cocktail security database ” to replicate the Cocktail users & groups into the Vanilla database, using contextual filters (which means you don’t have to rebuild your security strategy with Vanilla, but instead you can directly use the Cocktail security with Vanilla)

Have Fun !



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