Vanilla 3.4 – Wide Integration

Dear Readers,

The new Vanilla 3.4 version provides continuous integration between modules, using Wizard and leveraging existing features. Before the Olap/Maps integration (next post, I promise), just have a look at the mechanism for Olap/Dashboard integration.

The business case is very common : a user is exploring a cube, and he want to save some cube’s view into a dashboard, for immediate publication and later reuse.

First, we have some interesting features in FreeAnalysisWeb, such as the possibility to save a view. This feature is there for years now, but we have added a usefull method to record views : snapshot control. While exploring your cube, you can snapshot the current view and after an full session, you can decide which snapshot you will save as views.

Note : snapshot is like saving a view, except that saving a view is a longer process compare to snapshot (shich just ask for the name of the view)

Taking a snapshot of the current view

Second interesting feature : a view can have one or many prompts. Then, when you open a view, you are prompt for a value (member value). Each prompt is associated with a list of value (this is the list of member for the current prompted level !)

Report with prompt on product

Saving the report in the snapshot list

When you think you are done with your browsing session, you can recall the snapshot list and select the snapshot view to save :

Interface to save the snapshots

From FreeAnalysisWeb, we have added a FreeDashboard Wizard control to allow user to select which views he want to embed in the new Dashboard, with a preview interface before publication on the portail. You can notice that views with prompts are well supported, the list is embeded into the Dashboard panel.

Dashboard Wizard from FreeAnalysisWeb

Dashboard Preview

You can preview the Performance Dashboard (multi panels)

Saving the Dashboard is so easy, and result is available to every user in a couple of minutes.

Saving Dashboard in the Portal

Result from Vanilla Portal

Dashboard Panel for view with prompt

Best of bread, if you want to modify the Dashboard, you can use FreeDashboard Designer, and if you have an Android (Tablet, smartphone), you can directly access the Dashboard using your tablet !

Have Fun !


When you think you are done with your browsing session, you can recall the snapshot list and select the snapshot view to save :

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