Going to Vanilla version 3.4

Dear Readers,

Like a swiss cukoo, Bpm-Conseil, the company behind the Vanilla project, is about to make version 3.4 available. Since the first version of Vanilla, we keep the agenda to delivere major release every year and minor release every six-eight months. So, in second part of April, we will delivere version 3.4, on time

But moving to a new version is not only increasing the version number … we all know how some editors behave (not only in Open Source area) : they just force their customers to pay maintenance, and try to escape from their own engagements by moving to a new line of products, sometimes only by changing the number, without any new key features

Version 3.4 will come with its set of new features :

  • Improved Architecture & communication between the different Vanilla modules, by using Axis & Web Services to exchange documents & instructions. Immediate result is a faster portal !
  • New set of Oda drivers available in every designers : Oda driver for Excel, Oda driver for text file, Oda driver for FreeWebReport document (which allow designer to re-use a report as a standard secured data source)
  • Support for alternate data source, cube views snapshot, Rolodex interface and Dashboard wizard for FreeAnalysis Web
  • Some more features in Enterprise Service (such as Garbage collector management, User session manager) in FreeMetadata (wizard for report creation, support for custom type, highlight of orphan datastream, secure view of documents) , in FreeDashboard (self drill on cells, versioning), in FreeAnalysis Schema Designer (color coding for measures, Sql Query for fact table, cube preview in designer), in BiGateWay (support for loop for datasource, expression validation)
  • New package to manage Alerts, Forms Management, Document Management, Disconnected packages Management
  • New Features for Vanilla Hypervision : Drag & Drop deployment of documents between servers, user activity management, service & threads management
  • Support for Flash Maps & Flash Charts in Birt, by providing Vanilla Birt PlugIn that can use Vanilla Flash resources
  • Update for VanillaMobile : second edition of Vanilla for Android, with support for cubes views, reports with prompt list, flash documents (Maps), BiGateWay & Workflow, Search feature in document, barcode reader, …
  • Some more features to comply with customer’s requests when Bi project need to be deploy worlwide, such as command line deployment or communication encryption between Web interface and Vanilla server.
  • … but most interesting feature is the geolocalisation module, that leverage all our development with Flash Maps & Google Maps. On this subject, I will write soon a global post. As usual, Vanilla dev team & Vanilla Architects have done a crazy job to make Maps available for everyone, using Vanilla resources

Have Fun !



2 Responses

  1. Hi!!!
    Thanks for your work, i’m very interested in Vanilla project.
    Will you publish source code for version 3.4? Where it can be downloaded?

    • Hi Denis,
      Thanks for your comment. You can access the full svn replication from our forge, on bpm Web site.

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