Vanilla goes Flash on Eclipse with FusionMaps

Dear Readers,

Thanks to FusionCharts / FusionMaps development team, everybody can deploy Flash Maps & build interactives Charts visualisation. Some posts ago, I already discuss this subject, and I get questions about how to use this Birt/Flash integration. Well, at that time (3 weeks ago), we still didn’t complete a smooth PlugIn integration into Eclipse, so the report development was still a little tricky.

Yesterday, Vanilla development Team (Charles & Sebastien) just delivered a first set of Birt Plugin to make easy the development of Flash Charts & Flash Maps. Just have a look below at some screen shots.

To use those Plugins, you will need a Vanilla Server running in background, because we are leveraging some news Vanilla features such as our Maps repository or our geo-localised datasets (build on top of our secured Metadata layer !).

I’m early posting this feature, because it’s flashy & it’s a killing feature to get acceptance of your users. To use those PlugIns from Birt, you will need to wait a few weeks because we are working on a new version of Vanilla, and we want to make Maps & Flash usage as smooth as possible for Bi consultants.

Vanilla & Birt & FusionCharts integration

Vanilla & Birt & FusionMaps integration

Those features / PlugIn will be available inside Vanilla, Open Source. Well … what’s the value of an Open Source platform if adopters have to go for the commercial version to have user-friendly features … who can explain to me ?

Have Fun !


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