Vanilla for Android, Barcode Support

Dear Readers,

Vanilla for Android is cool ! Now, using your favorite Android Tablet or Smartphone, you can browse your report & cubes,and have access to your search engine and start your Bigateway transformation (etl) and workflow documents.

We have added a new crazy feature in the search interface : support of Android Barcode reader. Just imagine how this can unleash your usage of Vanilla documents, by providing immediate results while searching for a product in stock (drugs, foods) using its barcode, or checking a patient folder using only his registration barcode. It’s not only gadget, because barcode and other QR codes are available everywhere.

Barcode Feature

Just imagine how application can take benefit of this barcode reader to provide popular application on smartphone ! … where are the other bi / reporting applications (commercial or Open Source) on those new technologies ? … Well, I just forget to mention some of them have no developers anymore … they just reshaped their team with commercial & marketing managers …

Have Fun !


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