Development Evolution – from browser issue to Tablet solution

Dear Readers,

I remember 5 years ago when we started the development of our first Web application (at that time FreeMetrics Web, our first portal for Kpi), the choice of a Framework was not that easy. For some reasons, we decided to go for Struts-Shale. The development was not that easy, and we had issues between browsers.
After 1,5 years, we had 2 Web based applications developped using Shale : FreeMetrics and FreeAnalysisWeb. We had an important number of issues (compliance between browser, limitation in the interface), so we decided to move to another framework, Dojo, that gave us more flexibility, but still we had to manage multi browser issues and manage a lot of javascript functions.

In summer 2007, when we moved to Google GWT, version 1.4, it was a real shift : no more javascript coding, development using Eclipse & java langage, and a limited number of multi browser issues. For additional functions, we tried MyGwt, Gwt-Ext, but with the release of Gwt 2.0, all those subjects were cleaned : no more browser issues, all pure Gwt, Windwows-like features (D&D, Undo/Redo …) … finally, browser is not a subject, thanks to Google.

Last year, we have started Tablet projects … and history is a repetition. Apple IPad took the place of Netscape as the innovative leader (just to compare the browser emergence in mid 90s), but you need an Apple computer, Apple specific language to develop application that run only on Apple Tablet. Luckilly, the answer from Google with Android didn’t took 10+ years … it’s already available ! So, as a human-sized editor, we didn’t feel any pain to start developping Android application, using Eclipse PlugIn & emulator, and we are already abble to deploy to any kind of Android-compliant hardware, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos Tablet or Htc smartphone.

And our first application, Vanilla Mobile, got already interesting recognation from community & customers …
Have Fun !


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