Stacked Cells using FreeDashboard

Dear Readers,

With the release of FreeDashboard version 3, we provide developers with a Wysiwyg studio to develop user-friendly Dashboard, Performance Dashboard and Forms. We recently had a request to add a new feature for FreeDashboard : possibility to stack cells, to drill down & drill up on a cell.

Well, purpose is not to discuss if this is an easier method to display data on a Dashboard, compare to standard drill between graphs available in different cells, we delivere this feature as a new way to develop a Dashboard. It can be usefull if you want to have a large “1 cell dashboard”, with different representations

This is an early version of the Stacked Cells package, where you can also see the new  co-branded “Vanilla Fusion Chart”

Stacked Cells Definition using FreeDashboard

Stacked Cells Preview

Stacked Cells from Vanilla Web Portal (another exemple with a list box filter)

Stacked Cells from Vanilla Web Portal (second level, after drill down)

Have Fun,

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