Vanilla for Android, second edition

Dear Readers,

It’s time to go for mobile with Vanilla for Android, second edition ! We learnt a lot with the first release of the package, 2 months ago, especially with providing features using the Android standard menu or very simple interface for data exploration. Feedback from early adopters is so valuable for us.

Vanilla for Android, workspace for Apps

Now, in addition to providing access to any kind of reports, Vanilla for Android is abble to display olap cubes (multiple dimensions and measures) and contains a search interface on document content (to display all the reports that contain specific keywords)

Vanilla for Android, Olap browser

We have also revamped the connexion interface (server definition) to allow users to define multiple server connexion (easy when you deploy your Vanilla server on a cloud)

Vanilla for Android, Report browser

To use Vanilla for Android, second edition, you need the latest version of the Vanilla Platform (version 3.1+, development branch), but if you want to test it immediatly, we provide a server on the cloud,

Vanilla for Android, Search for Keyword in document interface

Mobile Bi should unlock access to any kind of information, in sectors such as hospital, universities, police & administration. Using Vanilla for Android, you can now have instant access to your favorite reports & cubes using a tablet or a Smartphone.

Vanilla for Android, Olap Views Rolodex

It required us a couple of minutes to deploy & run a Birt + FusionMaps report … WOW !!!

Vanilla for Android, Birt Report with FusionMaps

Personnally, I’m running the Samsung Galaxy Tab & Htc Desire (Smartphone) … manipulation is very easy, and tablet is solid and not that heavy.

Have Fun !