Vanilla – Birt & Flash integration

Dear Readers,

2011 starts as a good year for the Vanilla dev team, with innovative new subjects such as Tablet Apps or Flash integration, along with some new module for our Vanilla Platform (I should post later on this subject).

We just delievered a Birt – Flash integration, to come along with our existing Birt – GoogleMaps integration. Basically, this plugin allows you to add FusionMaps objects (Flash Maps) into your Birt Report, with dynamic color coding for Map’s cells.

Development from Eclipse Birt Designer

Birt Designer Flash Integration

Web Preview

BPM Vanilla Birt Flash Web Preview

Birt + Flash is not only a simple Flash integration, it’s a Vanilla integration that leverage our FreeMetrics Kpi database along with our new geolocalisation module (address & Maps repository). All in one, it allows developers to use Birt to easilly build customs interface that displays Kpi on Maps. We add various options, such as color interaction, drill through to details, Pdf creation for report

Running Birt Flash Reports from Vanilla portal

Last but not least : the PlugIn is Open Source … no need to buy any licence or complementary product for this (in different words : we didn’t turn a Flash development contest into a payable product). It’s true : you need a minimum of Vanilla knowledge to use 100% of the Plugin facilities (such as Maps repository management, kpi definition, …) … this is part of delivering a full functional Platform, not a single standalone package.

To finish this post : a special thanks to Pallav, the founder of Infosoft, who is leading the FusionChart & FusionMaps projects, who kindly provided us with the set of co-branded Maps “Vanilla – Powered by FusionMaps”

Have Fun !


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  1. Good work! How can I download this plugin?

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