FreeDashboard Web Update

Dear Readers,

With release version 3 of Vanilla, we have delivered a major update of  FreeDashBoard Designer, our java package to design interactive secured Dashboard. Then come the time for an update of our Web Dashboard Designer, that leverage the concept of Dashboard dictionary available in Vanilla … thanks tthe a crazy good work of Marc, FreeDashboardWeb is now available

Using FreeDashBoardWeb, you can create new Dashboard using objects available in dictionaries, or open existing Dashboard to apply some modification

The look & feel of the interface is similar to the java package, with a simple limitation : you can’t add new objects in existing dictionaries, you can only use the available set of objects, so it’s perfect to allow end User to create & manage their own Dashboard, using a central secured dictionary !

FreeDashboardWeb, Design Mode

FreeDashboardWeb, Preview Mode

Have Fun,