Molex’s Childs

Dear Readers,

What a shame yesterday on the news ! For those who live in France, you have all heard about the Molex company, that closed its door last year in south of France, with hundred of unemployed people. It was an economic diseaster for the region, and people were schocked by the rude behaviour of the american management from Molex US. Finally, they come to a solution where Molex  should take in charge most of the cost to help people finding new job or beeing trained to another job.

Yesterday, in the same news, we learnt that Molex had stopped paying for to help the unemployed people, breaking its engagement, and that the US company is now generating millions of benefices.Provocation …

Well … I agree with our government that asked french car manufacturers
to stop working with Molex, but this is not a single situation with Us firms … just think of that when you are going to buy expensive software licenses from Us (commercial or saif Open Source) companies … where goes your money ? World is changing … some people still try to get money as fast as possible, and runaway, because they know it’s their last chance

Have Fun !


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