27 july is Xmas day !

Dear Readers,

Last week, I was going to Paris for a business meeting, when I suddenly remember about the forecast of an India guy last june. I was in Singapore in june, not really feeling well for obvious reasons, waiting for my friend Patrick to share a coffee around the Merlion place. Then came a man, Indian, who seat close to me and start talking with me about my future. After some minutes, he predicted me that my best day this year will be 27 of july.

When this year we had this crazy good news, july 27th … I didn’t match the 2 events. Which news ? … well, too early to post about it, just understand this will change the Vanilla project & move it to the top for the next coming years. It took me about 3 months to remember the prediction & match the 2 events … one man in Singapore predicted me an event in Paris on the exact day, 55 days in advance … well, it doesn’t sound reasonable, especially for cartesian peoplesĀ  … but it happened …

Have Fun !