Vanilla – some new documentations

Dear Readers,

Just a quick post to promote some new and recently updated documentations, because updating a software, like we did with the release 3 of Vanilla, requires also to update the documentation, and keeping this documentation available for free (as opposed to what we can see elsewhere !)

Vanilla 3 presentation : document that contains brief description of each modules availables in Vanilla.

Vanilla 3 Installation Guide : less than 10 pages to have a successfull installation. Beware with MySql and the “ansi quotes” … because FreeMetadata supports alias, and “ansi quotes” is requiered for this feature

Vanilla 3 Developer Getting started : some words about how to start developing an application with Vanilla

Well, those documents are stored in Google Docs Cloud … it’s nice to use Google Docs to make documents available worldwide within a second. Don’t forget that Vanilla provides oda drivers for GoogleSpreadsheet and GoogleTables, because it’s also usefull to be abble to easilly retrieve information from any cloud

Have Fun !