Open Flash Chart 2.0 Support

Dear Readers,

Maintenance and evolution of the Vanilla platform represents an important part of our time (development & documentation update)

With every new release, we target to update most of the embeded components, like we did for version3 & Birt 2.6 update.  For some identified components, for obvious reasons (licence, commercial evolution), we keep a stable version (for example, we are still running a Mondrian 2.4 engine and a Bonita 3.x engine, without major issues).

For the new development line (version 3.1), we have updated the Open Flash Chart engine to embed OFC v2 within our FreeDashboard Designer.

Just have a look at some print screen, using a Performance Dashboard on sampledata

Performance Dashboard & OFC2 Pie Chart

Performance Dashboard & OFC2 Line Graph

Performance Dashboard Web User Result

Have Fun,

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