I have a Mission

Dear Readers,

I’m certain this situation is real … unfortunatly for Open Source Platform & software in general … when people confuses Open Source & Free, trying to justify a failure in project because of software’s lack of features. In my IT life, whatever the nature of software was (Open Source or Commercial), most of the problems or success in Bi projects where the result of IT’s investment in the software & project. No investment -> no results … Bi projects need global support from IT and users.

Step 1 : Mission in Commercial area

“My company needs a new platform, so I have a mission : I have to choose the better platform & the better system integrator. No doubt, I will take a commercial platform, because it’s more professional” (don’t laught … we still meet some of those people. Not to say Open Source is more professional … but now, I will say there is no difference in terms of features / software quality and SI ability to comple the project)

Step 2 : Mission in Open Source area

“After my System integrator failed in implementing the platform (partly because they sent us junior, and partly because we didn’t defined the business objectives), and because in the same time my favorite commercial editor has been bought by the new leader and I saw the increase in maintenance rate (for a project not yet in production !), I have a new mission : I will try to move to an Open Source platform. As I have no budget allocate for this, and globally no budget anymore, I will download some platform and try by my own” (note : yes … still some companies that tries to start an Open Source project without support or training … well, if you think training is too expensive, just try to evaluate the cost of the wasted time due to lack of knwoledge … training is a human investment, not a cost !)

Step 3 : Final mission

After some days / weeks trying to use this ugly Open source Platform, I came to the conclusion it was not ready for production. I have tried to get support from editor, but they asked me to pay for a support contract. Why ? It’s Open Source … it should be free ? So, I was right not paying anything, because it’s not running. Now, I have a mission : I have to tell everyone that Open Source is not running well, because I was not abble to run it alone I will spend a lot of time shouting at Open Source, because they refused to help me for free

Well … no comment … except that this kind of scenario also applies to some System Integrators, no matter what the Open Source project is and no matter what are their initial skills. Ecosystem is fragile … respect of investment is important !

HaveFun !