Vanilla v3 – 1 week after the launch

Dear Readers,
Last wednesday, we had our Vanilla v3 official launch with our customers.  This was a day of exchange and discovery, with testimonial from various customers.

Always funny to notice how people identified a new version and what they remind about it. For version 3, most notable feature – customer feedback – is the document management module & search engine integration.

Internally, when Gaël integrated this set of features before summer time, we were really surprised by the speed of the search engine and the deep & clean integration with Vanilla.
Now, it’s time for customers to discover and use this new module, and I know some customers that have already some interesting ideas to leverage those features.

But Vanilla v3 is not only “document management & search engine”. The FreeWebReport presentation, that provides users with an interface to build reports using differents metadata,
or the presentation of our FreeDashboard module (Performance Dashboard with popup !!!) got good feedback from the audience.

All in one, we used to forecast a presentation of multithread & cluster management in afternoon session (it’s the second crazy features of version 3) … but due to questions about Kpi database, workflow design or advanced document management features (private search list), we simply did not covered this second crazy set of features … this may sounds funny, and in fact it is, as it can be summarized like “we showed 50% if Vanilla v3 new features” … but it’s ok … customers were happy like that …

Perception is always slightly different from the reality … and the truth always stands around perception …
Have Fun,