Vanilla v3 available for download

Dear Reader,

This wednesday, we have launched Vanilla v3 and had customers in our office to demonstrate some of the Version 3 new features. I may say everybody enjoyed the event, and customer testimonal gave an overview of how Vanilla is deployed and used at Enterprise level.

After a full day of package upload, we are proud to announce the immediate availability for Vanilla Version 3, the True Honest Open Source Business Intelligence Platform.

You can download Vanilla v3 from our WebSite

Vanilla v3 New Features

  • FreeDashboard : Performance Dashboard & Forms Management
  • Integrated Ecm module & search features within Bi Documents
  • FreeWebReport : Multi Metadata & jdbc datasources available for reports Web reporting
  • MultiThread for standard services (Etl, Reports, Metadata) & Cluster ready architecture
  • Documentation update and new videos to learn more about Vanilla’s features

Vanilla Apps v1

  • VanillaServerAdmin : MultiThread & Clustering Management for cluster of Vanilla Servers
  • VanillaReader : Oda Reader to access various database (GoogleSpreadsheet, GoogleTable, VanillaKpi …)
  • VanillaDisconnected : Standalone Vanilla Platform to browse Bi Document in disconnected mode
  • VanillaforMantis : ready to use set of Vanilla documents (reports, dashboard, cubes) for Mantis application
  • VanillaforVTiger : ready to use set of Vanilla documents (reports, dashboard, cubes) for VTiger application


First encouraging feedback on new features and architecture evolution is an additional motivation for the Vanilla Team. Future is bright for the project !

Have Fun !



2 Responses

  1. How do you post on the forums? I couldn’t find a way to do it?

    Also, is the Vanilla Public License OSI approved?

  2. Hi Richard,
    To post on forum, just go into our comunity zone and choose “forum”,
    Vanilla license is Mpl 1.1 license … which is OSI approved. Well strange question, but I understand what stands behind … Fyi, idemnification & others strange Us way of selling Open Source products has no existence in Europe, due to EU law that protect European R&D … and what European government are asking is 100% pure Open Source platforms (you should know this … because recently … well …)

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